Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tested at Gjøvik

July 7, 2009**

I won't say that Norwegian Pilgrim walking is easy. First hot, now cold and wet. I remember Olavsleden Pilgrim Coordinator Eiler Prytz telling me of a pilgrim walk he attempted that just didn't work out as he'd hoped. I took his comments as a way of delivering to me a few wise words of caution and encouragement. Meditating, I've recognized the importance and even spiritual growth to be obtained from finishing what one has started. The key for me will have to be to adapt. I'm learning to ¨eat Scandinavian¨, to ask for the help that I need the language difficulties notwithstanding, and to book ahead for overnight rest to spare myself more wild camping than necessary. Where am I? Hamar. I reached Gjøvik yesterday in pouring rain, enjoyed the vandrehjem, and sailed the Skibladner across the lake this morning. I hope to be in Lillehammer in three days and should be meeting my Danish cousin Peer there or shortly after that. He is in Vinstra with his Norwegian girlfriend Kirsten on holiday. I love the ceramic (?) pilgrim medalions that Eiler left for me at the Ronningen Hostel in Oslo. The smaller of them can be threaded onto the lanyard with my Pilgrim scallop shell and now I can wear it around my neck!

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