Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Olavsleden, In Daily Stages

The following is a description of the 27 days worth of stages that I walked between Oslo and Trondheim. Formatting requirements oblige me to render them in somewhat cryptic form:

Day//Km//Km From Oslo//Pilgrim Way Stop

0//0//0//Oslo,Ronningen Vandrerhjem
1//17//17//Oslo,Ronningen Vandrerhjem
2//28//45//Langbru (Tent)
3//23//68//Onsakervika Camping,Røyse (Tent)
4//33//101//Sløvika Camping,Jevnaker (Tent)
5//25//126//Blokkhus Farm,Brandbu (Tent)
6//43//169//Hekshusstranda Camping,Kapp (Tent)
7//10//179//Gjøvik Vandrerhjem Hovedetun
8//0//179//Hamar Vandrerhjem (via Skibladner)
9//26//205//Konfirmantsalen, Veldre,Brumunddal
10//28//233//Samuelstue Camping,Havik (Hytte)
11//18//251//Lillehammer Vandrerhjem
12//34//285//Pilegrimsloftet Borkerud,Tretten
14//18//334//Sygard Grytting,Sør-Fron
15//24//358//Øvre Kjæstad,Kvam
16//9//367//Sjøa Vandrerhjem
17//28//395//Jørundgard Middlealdersenter,Sel
18//28//423//Budsjord Gard,Dovre
19//12//435//Fokstugu Fjellstue,Dovrefjell
20//22//457//Hjerkinn Fjellstue,Dovrefjell
21//34//491//Ryphusan Ubetjent Hytte,Dovrefjell
23//32//553//Muklia Ungdomssenter og Leirskole
24//31//584//Segard Hoel,Meldal
25//27//611//Svorkmo Skytterhus
26//32.5//643.5//Kleivan Pilegrimsherberge,Bukvika
27//25.5//669//Nidaros Pilegrimsgård

Pilgrim Notes:

I walked the Western “Cultural Route” of the Olavsleden/Way of St. Olav from Oslo to Gjøvik. From Gjøvik I sailed the Skibladner steam ship to Hamar where I picked up the Eastern “Historic Route” of the Olavsleden walking it from there to Trondheim. Combining the two route segments together in this fashion lengthened my total Pilgrim Trek slightly to the total of 669 kilometers. My route choice was suggested by my Cicerone Guide, the “Pilgrim Road to Nidaros: St. Olav’s Way / Oslo to Trondhejm”, author Alison Raju, as a means of avoiding industrial areas traversed by the Historic Route as it leaves urban Oslo. It also afforded me a chance to sail the historic “Skibladner” steamship across Lake Mjøsa.
My first day of Pilgrim walking brought me from the Maria Kirke ruins in central Oslo to the western Oslo suburbs at Lilleaker. From there I took public transportation back to my Oslo overnight lodgings at the Ronningen Vandrerhjem/Hostel. My second Pilgrim day began with the tram ride back to Lilleaker from whence I commenced my second day of walking. From Lilleaker I walked continuously to the cathedral at Nidaros/Trondheim. There were few Pilgrim friendly lodging options in the Lilleaker suburban area suggesting the creative tram riding solution.
I completed the 669 kilometers (418 miles) of Pilgrim walking between Oslo and Trondhjem in 27 days as indicated averaging about 25 kilometers (15+ miles) per day. As any experienced long distance walker will guess, I walked numerous additional kilometers running errands and taking in the odd side trip diversion to visit interesting attractions. For example, I walked at least 10 kilometers during my “zero day” in Hamar visiting the Domen Kirke and returning to my Vandrerhjem lodgings. Likewise, on my third Pilgrim Day I walked at least 6 extra Kilometers under back pack load and off route to visit the historic Bønsnes Kirke.


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